Building Sidewalks with A.H. Harris

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Some commonly observed sidewalk defects which can lead to injuries for pedestrians (and pricey consequences for municipalities/owners):


Sidewalk Products

1. Finishing Broom
2. Concrete Edger
3. Concrete Groover
4. Cap Strip
5. Bituminous Fiber Expansion Joint
6. Curing Compound
7. Chemical Sprayer
8. Poly Tarp or Burlene
9. Rubber Hammer
10. Detectable Tile
11. Concrete Float
12. Trowel
13. Work Belt
14. Caution Tape
15. Traffic Cone
16. Power Screed
17. Work Boots
18. Metal Concrete Forms
19. Knee Pads
20. Concrete Kumalong

21. Safety Vest
22. Safety Glasses
23. Hard Hat
24. Orange Visibility Fence
25. Welded Wire Mesh
26. Steel Form Pins
27. Concrete Brick
28. Metal Fence Posts
29. Nailable Steel Stakes
30. Lumber - 2x4 / 2x6
31. Silt Fence
32. Metal Division Plate
33. Stabila Level for Detectable Tiles
34. Box of Duplex Nails
35. Elastomeric Sealant
36. Work Gloves
37. Claw Hammer
38. Wheelbarrow
39. Harris Grout
40. Mixer


Other Sidewalk products not shown in graphic:

Sledge hammer, Stake puller, Concrete stamps, Integral colors, Colored hardener, Colored release, Clear sealers, Curing blankets, Vapor barriers, Concrete colored stains, Concrete cleaners and so much more.

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