Husqvarna Power Cutters - available at A.H. Harris

Photo_20160728_110508.jpgSaws for Pros, ask your local Harris which one is the best choice for your projects! Here's a small collection:


HC-K760.pngK 760


  • Light and powerful
  • Exceptionally low vibrations
  • Long service intervals
  • Easy to start



HC-K970.pngK 970:

  • Robust and reliable
  • Easy to start
  • Long service intervals
  • Less slurry and low water consumption




HC-K1260.pngK 1260:

  • High power with less fuel
  • Reduced wear
  • Cuts close to walls or ground
  • Maintenance-free air filter


K 3000 Cut-n-Break:


The Cut-n-Break method is the natural choice when you need to cut deep but want a machine with low tool and maintenance costs. The K 3000 Cut-N-Break enables you to cut as deep as 16" from one side. Suitable for flush cutting close to walls and floors as well as for smaller jobs like window openings where you want to avoid overcutting at the corners.


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Below is a video of a recent Husqvarna Training/Demo at our A.H. Harris Plainville, MA location where our team got to gain some hands-on experience with various saws and drills, instructed by the Husqvarna team. Enjoy!