Compaction & Concrete Construction Equipment Made In The USA

"Founded on Expertise & Innovation" 

The story began in Wisconsin when two men with extensive experience in mechanical vibration and soil compaction started a business in an unheated contractor’s shed in the winter of 1967. From these humble beginnings, we have broadened our product line to include a variety of compaction and concrete construction equipment along with quick customer support and service. MBW begins each new engineering project with the assumption that significant progress can be made in terms of improved productivity, reduced maintenance, longer life, enhanced user safety or lower long-term cost of ownership. MBW’s R&D efforts result in fresh approaches to solving industry problems. Many of our products have pushed productivity to new heights. MBW products afford their operators the industry’s safest tools in various product classes. Our products solve long standing maintenance issues and extend product life expectations.

"Quality Survives"

Our goal is to provide equipment users with products of significant, tangible, comparative value. MBW has positioned itself at the high end of the “value” spectrum. We define value in  terms of lower maintenance, longer life, and greater productivity. Whether you buy or rent, MBW equipment reduces the overall cost of ownership when compared to our competition.

MBW’s full line of equipment includes:

- Single & Reversible Direction Vibratory Plates
- Rammers
- Vibratory Roller Attachments
- Walk-Behind & Ride-On Trowels
- Truss & Wet Screeds
- Mortar/Plaster Mixers
- Concrete Sealer Sprayers


Reasons to invest in MBW equipment:

  • Independently owned, and our products are made in the USA
  • Very high quality product with many unique patents
  • Excellent delivery on product and parts
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • The best technical support and customer service in our segment of the business
  • Excellent field support- joint sales calls, product demonstrations and product training

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